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www.onlinedirectories.ie, hereafter referred to as the company site, is a manually operated website and all details posted and provided are deemed to be correct at time of publishing. The company site is registered and trades with CRO and VAT registration in Ireland. All effort is provided to check and validate all information provided by third parties and only accepted to be published after validation. Currently, only Companies registered in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland may avail of the directory. The aim of the company site is to offer all business a free listing including the following only, 1. Business Name, 2. Business Genre, 3. Business Website Address and 4. Business contact phone number. Listings of business website address are not guaranteed to show as a verified link from Google, Bing or any other third party website. Premium services are available and only published upon receipt of payment, and in the event of non payment, the listing will be terminated. Payment options online are provided through Paypal only, however, if payments are requested through Direct Debit or an alternative method, these will only be addressed on a one to one basis. Duplicate listings are strictly not allowed, and if found, will be will result in all listings being removed without warning.

By submitting your business details with email address, your email address will be used for future updates, news and marketing efforts that all businesses enjoy the benefit of. All submitted entries are understood to be business entries, so we therefore assume the email addresses used for submissions are used for business, so fall outside the jurisdiction of personal data details covered by the GDPR. If you have any concerns about GDPR regulations, ensure to use a business email address when registering.

The company site, or it’s owners accept no liability or recourse whatsoever in the event of site maintenance or downtime and how that may affect premium services.

Company Data Right of Access

Information supplied to CRO pursuant to the Companies Acts and the Registration of Business Names Act do not come within the Data Protection Acts 1998-2003, being “personal data consisting of information that the person keeping the data is required by law to make available to the public”. Such data therefore falls outside the Terms of this Privacy Statement. Examples of information which does not fall under the Right of Access would be, Directors Appointment, or change in particulars of Details, and or the Registration of a Business or Company Name.

 Personal Data Right of Access

Under Section 4 of the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003 you have a right to get a copy of the personal data, which we have relating to you. An access request should be in writing by e-mail. Applications must be sent with proof of identity such as a scanned passport copy or driving license. We will also require applications to include any personal data, which relates to our company, such as your Username or password. We will do our best to ensure that your request is dealt with within 28 days of receipt of application. A charge of €6.35 will be payable on all data requests. This is a payable in advance and should accompany your initial data request.

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