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13 Garville Mews, Rathgar, Dublin 6, Dublin
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Smarter Surfaces, previously known as Smart Wall Paint, was founded by Ronan Clarke in 2009. Ronan had been leading a successful construction business and had been asked by a customer to fit out an entire office in whiteboards. Existing whiteboards are expensive, difficult and costly to ship, difficult to install and don’t accommodate the site-specific nature of offices such as power points, light switches, doors etc. From this, Ronan decided to develop a smart paint that turns any flat surface into a reusable whiteboard; a business that is innovative had export potential and embraced new technologies. This led to the formation of Smart Wall Paint, renamed Smarter Surfaces in 2015 to more accurately reflect the company's product evolution to functional wallpapers as well as functional paints.

For a two-year period, Smarter Surfaces was involved in extensive research and development and the company launched its first product, Smart Wall Paint White, in November 2011. This product went on to win multiple awards including FM Office Product of the Year by the European Office Products Association, EOPA. In 2014, we added whiteboard paint in a transparent finish, to our Smart Wall Paint range. We also added large whiteboard paint kit sizes to address demand from contractors and specifiers. Smart Magnetic Paint was also released in 2014. In 2015, we launched Smart Projector Paint, a low-sheen dry-erase paint, as well as Magnetic Wallpaper, on a mission to provide customers with more functional product choices.

In 2016, our focus on R&D to introduce new innovative functional wall coverings continues with our first range of functional wallpapers.

Smarter Surfaces trades globally through a network of global distributors and numerous e-commerce websites in six languages.

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